2.5 Ton All Terrain Diesel Container Mast

2.5 Ton All Terrain Diesel Container Mast

Our Australian Standards Compliant All Terrain 2.5 Ton forklift includes the most popular 2 Wheel Drive model with the optional upgrade to 4 Wheel Drive. These forklifts will provide you with a high quality forklift to suit all types of terrain.

Standard items include:

  1. Yanmar Diesel Engines - quality and reliability
  2. 3 stage container masts
  3. Integral side shift
  4. Road light kit
  5. Spare hydraulic auxillary valve so you can add attachments like rotators or fork positioners.

We have matched the Yanmar Diesel engines with the range to provide you with the quality and reliability you expect.

Australia wide parts support plus our 5 Year Warranty make these forklifts the best value for money in Australia.