BYD Lithium Ion Battery Electric Forklifts are the Global Leader since 2016 and is disrupting the forklift industry forever.

BYD manufacture Electric Trains, Electric Mono Rails, Electric Buses, Electric Cars and now FORKLIFTS. BYD is changing the way customers look at their forklift requirements.

  • Eliminate LPG & Diesel Forklifts

  • Eliminate Lead Acid Electric Forklifts

  • ZERO Emissions

  • No Fumes

  • No Heat

  • 2 hour Full Charge

  • Top Up Charge on the go - no need for expensive spare batteries for change of shift

  • No need for a designated EPA approved charging bay - no hazardous watering systems / acids

BYD - The Best Value on the market today. Call 0428 166 242 for a FREE on site appraisal to suit your specific applications.