Maintained Contract Hire

Fully Maintained Contract Hire provides our existing and new customers with the flexibility of selecting the most efficient and cost effective products to 

provide the solution to your specific application. 

The benefits to the customer include:

  • New Forklifts at the start of each hire contract period

  • Hire payments are 100% tax deductible

  • Hire payments include financier costs and repairs and manufacturers maintenance schedules )

  • Fixed payments for cash flow security

  • Off Balance Sheet expense - maximize your credit availability for other business expenses

  • No CAPEX approvals required from Management / Boards

  • All makes & models available ( we are totally independent )

  • No mechanical risk to the customer

  • No surprise repair costs

  • Contract periods from 2 to 7 year terms

Short Term Hire

Short term hire is available to provide our customers with support during peak times or to provide forklifts if waiting for new forklifts to arrive. 

Hire payments are a tax deductible expense. Fuel is supplied by the customer.

Project Hire


Project Hire - we can supply forklifts of all types to match the term of your project - rates vary depending upon hire term, environment, utilization and product types required. All makes and models are available to suit your project

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